The 'Particles EP' project wraps up with "Mefjus & Noisia - Foundations" on VISION Recordings. The first single launched in October with a Camo & Krooked collaboration, it also featured massive link-ups with Skeptical, Break, Phace and IMANU. Every release came with additional behind the scenes commentary talks and studio insight videos to reveal the process and inner workings of each track.

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Particles Commentary Tracks

Check out the commentary tracks, availiable on Spotify. In these commentaries I'm talking to my friends and fellow producers about the creative process and about the different approaches to make every single of these unique collaborations work.

Particles Studio Insights

This series of collaborations is not only accompanied by commentary tracks but it also features a series of Studio Insight videos. In these videos I'm dissecting the production process of all Particles tracks. I always found it super exciting when producers explained how they made tracks, how tracks came together, their techniques. That inspired me to make music myself. It still excites me now if I see something I haven’t seen before from a technical point of view and I hope people have enjoyed this project as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. A playlist containing all Particles tracks & Studio Insights is availiable on my YouTube channel.

As so many of you sent in questions about production, I decided to add a bonus episode "Special Edition: Q&A" in which I'm answering some of the FAQs.

Massive THANKS to everyone involved, especially to the guys over at VISION Recordings!

Stay safe & stay tuned for more to come! <3 M.